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Marketing Built For Lead Generation

Does your business need leads? We created a digital marketing package specifically for you! By taking advantage of Google’s new Smart Bidding Technology, we’re able to offer lower management fees (transparent pricing below) and include the full stack of tools!

For one low fee, you get…
☆ Full-service Google Ads setup & management
☆ Custom landing page that’s built to convert
☆ Optimization based on CPQL, not CPL
☆ Call & text message tracking
☆ Automated lead nurturing via email & text
☆ Conversion rate optimization
☆ Real-time CRM integration

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Everything that Included in Lead Generation

To ensure your digital marketing is fully tracked and optimized properly, we include the full stack of services at no extra fee. Don’t need a landing page? No problem, we can work with your website too.

Full Service Ad Management

We manage and constantly optimize all of your ads on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Display, Pinterest, Outbrain, SnapChat, and more.

Custom Landing Page

Yes, We include a custom built landing page! A high converting page is absolutely critical to your success so we collaborate with you to build an incredible landing page.

CPL Optimization

You need not to pay the cost of advertisement. You will pay only for the leads that is on CPL bases.  This is the best way for more ROI.

Lead Nurturing

We setup an automated email and text message that’s sent instantly to every lead on your behalf. This dramatically increases your connection rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We constantly run a/b tests on your landing page in order to improve your conversion rates and constantly increase your return-on-investment.

Dedicated Expert

You will have a single point of contact that manages every aspect of your campaign and knows your business inside out.

Transparent Pricing

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Answers to Your Questions

Why is Lead Generation Important for a Business?

Lead generation is a vital part of generating new business opportunities and growing your business. Without some form of lead generation, your business can often struggle to keep up with those competitors who are regularly engaging with potential customers.

What Methods Can I Use to Generate Leads?

With lead generation, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, meaning the approach that one business may take to lead generation may not work as well, if at all, for another business. There are a wide variety of inbound and outbound strategies that businesses in all manner of industries and markets can use to generate sales leads.

How Do You Generate the Leads?

Our team are highly experienced in generating leads and use a non-scripted approach to do so. We contact businesses that we know will be beneficial to you and only contact the people who will be able to make decisions. By targeting these people, we are far more likely to see results.

What is the Key to Effective Lead Generation?

This may be a surprising revelation to some businesses, but the key to effective lead generation isn’t delivering pushy sales pitches over and over again to the same people. It’s about delivering value to your prospects through a customer-focused approach, rather than a sales-focused approach.

To ensure that your chosen strategy is suitable for your prospects, you need to ask yourself some questions that can help you refine and tailor your approach to their needs and preferences.

What Results are you Seeing?

Our results are often extremely positive and can dramatically improve a company’s conversion rates, ROI and can also create a much better journey for the customers. We can provide you with examples of our recent results if you would like, so you can see the dramatic difference we can make.

If you have any other questions concerning lead generation, contact us today